Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How long does the application process take from beginning to end?
A   The application approval process may take up to 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.
Q   Does Mr. Smoothie franchise to individuals, partnerships, or corporations?
A   Yes. Mr. Smoothie can accomodate various ownership groups.
Q   Will Mr Smoothie assist me with financing a store?
A   No, Mr. Smoothie franchisees are required to have the financial systems in place to build and operate their stores.
Q   Does Mr Smoothie grant territories or regions to franchisees?
A   Franchisees may apply for a territory under a master franchise agreement or for a specific market and or store.
Q   What is the initial investment for an Mr Smoothie franchise?
A   Initial Investment Range: $87,650 - $376,400
Q   How much is the initial franchise fee?
A   The fee is $20,000.00 for each store unless you sign a multi store development agreement where the fee will be reduced based upon how many stores you open and how quickly they are opened.
Q   Does Mr Smoothie require royalty payments?
A   Yes. The current royalty fee is 6.0% of revenues. This fee contributes to the overall support system; i.e., training, field support, purchasing, construction, new product development, and quality control, to mention just a few.
Q   How much money can I expect to make?
A   The amount of money individual locations can expect to make will vary depending on a multitude of factors including: the locations and demographics, operating costs, sales, and the overall ability of the franchisee to operate and manage their franchise location(s).
Q   How do I obtain a list of Mr Smoothie locations?
A   Please visit our web site for a listing of all Mr. Smoothie locations.
Q   May I obtain a copy of Mr Smoothie UFOC Agreement?
A   Upon completion and acceptance of the application, a copy of Mr. Smoothie current UFOC will be provided at the initial interview.
Q   What type of training will I have to attend before I open a store?
A   Mr. Smoothie Franchises, Inc. will provide training for up to three individuals. The initial training program will be held at one of the Mr. Smoothie corporate stores. Typically at the store closest to the new franchise.
Q   Is there a cost to attend the initial training?
A   Yes. The cost for the initial training for the prospective franchisee and staff is included in the initial franchise fee. However, the prospective franchisee is responsible for all other expenses incurred while attending training, including travel costs, room and board expenses, and employee salaries.
Q   Is there ongoing support provided?
A   Yes. You will have on going access to our expertise and materials for Site Selection and Store Leasing, Construction, Purchasing, Store Supervision, Quality Control, Advertising and Promotions, Marketing Research and Development